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On BMAP.CASH the best of all Bitcoin Mapsbecause you can find the most exclusive coinmap Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets and Hotels outside of the crypto market to spend your Bitcoins!

Spend your Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency directly without finding bitcoin atms today and Inspire the World! Satoshi Nakamoto would be proud of you!

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Android App Coinector & Bitcoinmap

Download our latest Android App Coinector to locate your closest criptocoin merchant even quicker, to plan your next bitcoin spending tour!

Both of our Android Apps can be downloaded following the links in the menu.

Bitcoinmap is a cripto coinmap that offers a favorites list, so that you can manage your own list of local bitcoin merchants.

Review the local crypto tourist merchant locations on Google Maps

Our Android Apps provide a review feature, so that you can give positive feedback after visiting a bitcoin store.

We want to raise the level of cryptomerchant communication. Especially in touristic bitcoin places & locations between the consumer and the local markets.

By spreading the word about bitcoin we get others to realize, that we are actually already using it. So they realize that there is happening something.

Sign-Up with BMAP Coinector Coinmap Android App

With our app Coinector you can Sign-Up new bitcoin merchants in less than 5 minutes in a simple and intuitive way.

We guide the user through the process of adding his Coinmap DASH and BCH receiving address, so that we can create a paper with QR codes for them.

Download your PDF QR-Code from our QR-Code Generator

BCH DASH QR-Code Generator

The paper will be offered as a PDF download inside the app. The data of the local crypto merchant will be submitted via E-Mail.

After submitting the details the user gets 3 different E-Mails in his language. Explaining the benefits of registering his place in Google Maps and how to achieve that.

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BMAP Crypto Coin Map feature top merchant locations & places to spend BTC BCH BSV or DASH bitcoins

We have searched all the other directorie online and have added the best and only verifiable crypto merchant locations for you to enjoy

We feature most of the crypto places from Marco Coino that fall within our coinmap categories!

We ignore the data on because it is outdated and contain many fake entries

We publish all the places from Anypay Map as their data is very reliable

We also added all the bitcoin places & locations accepting BTC BCH BSV or DASH bitcoins available on Go Crypto

The places of DASH we have found mostly on Discover Dash but we had to filter many fake data which was not verifiable or not up to date